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Sun, Jun 26


Happiness Journey - Online

Take a ride on the happiness train as you confront your blocks to happiness or your dark night of the soul. You've found a safe place for 12 months of support and encouragement as you transition from unhappy to happy or survivor to thriver!

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Happiness Journey - Online
Happiness Journey - Online

Time & Location

Jun 26, 2022, 6:00 PM MST – May 31, 2023, 8:00 PM MST

About The Event

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You created your personalized happiness roadmap in our 1 Day Happiness Journey and committed to creating a sustainable happiness for yourself.

Don't stop there.  We've created a sisterhood of trustworthy, supportive souls to provide a nest, a safety net and a cheerleading squad all rolled into one.  Join us on this 12 month journey as we tackle 12 of the most common blocks to sustainable happiness.

Month 1 - Happiness, Money & Status

  • Who are you trying to impress?
  • Who are you "better than" (or who do you want to be better than)?
  • Who are you trying to please?

This is the first "road block" to happiness that we will unpack on our journey.

Month 2 - Allowing Yourself to Receive

Yes, you can be your own roadblock to happiness!  As women, we work so hard (all day - every day) to make others happy.  If you are just "fine", this is the day you will shift gears and turn the corner and give "fine" a whole new definition.

Month 3 - Gratitude

I (Jenn) didn't believe it.  I was soooo incrediably unhappy. How could gratitude help me be happy? This sneaky little verb is magic. Come and experience how it gratitude can work for you and be the rocket fuel on your journey.

Month 4 - Reframing "shit"

There, we said it.  You've been through it. Now it's time to reframe it and see it in a new way.  This month you'll take that  old shit and current crap and get some tools to help you balance the scales and return to happiness quicker.

Month 5 - Shame

Part of the aftermath of trauma is shame. As survivors we tend to sweep this one under the rug so we can get through the day. Not this month. The past four months we've been laying the ground work to create a deep connection with each other and safe place to address this oh so tender issue. This month we will work on healing the shame - whether it's the wrapped up in an event or in the choice to remain in a bad situation.

Month 6 - Art & Music as Healing Tools

After the intensity of last month, we bring in the light with Art.  Melanie will guide us as we allow our inner self to communicate via creativity.  No worries if you aren't artistic - absolutely no one will see your "creation" if you don't want to share.  Jenn will share songs of catharsis and "calling" songs to call in your happiness.  You'll get to try it too, even if you're not a singer it's worth a try!

Month 7 - Forgiveness

Is forgiveness even necessary for you to be happy? 

This month we'll explore how you can move forward and be happy when you never get the apology.

Month 8 - What Makes You Happy

We've had 7 months to delve into our crap and confront our dark night of the soul in order to arrive at neutral - not sad but not really happy.  This month we will reminisce about past happiness in order to remember the feeling we are aiming for. You'll have plenty of homework to find your happy making things and you'll take yourself on a "date".

Month 9 - Happiness, Boundry Setting & Crucial Conversations

This month you'll observe the effects of your happiness around you.  You'll discover how your happiness becomes a tool in setting healthy boundaries. But what happens when you tell your loved ones what makes you happy and they either don't do it or do the opposite.  Learn how to have the crucial conversations with your happiness violators and what your next action will be.

Month 10 - Happy Dancing & How Others Respond to You

Now that you've been communicating what makes you happy, it's time to take a look at what happiness looks like on you.  

  • Do your loved ones and collegues know when they've gotten it "right"?
  • Do you keep them guessing so they'll keep trying?
  • Are you still responding to their moods while they are responding to yours - trapped in a vicious cycle of second guessing where no one is really happy?

This month we blast through that.  Your homework will be to notice how you make others happy by showing when you are happy!

Month 11  - Holding 2 (or More) Emotions and Sustaining Happiness

It's been almost a year and you've come so far - your mostly happy all the time...but...

  • Crap still happens
  • People don't do what they say they will do
  • Someone zips into the parking spot you've been patiently waiting for
  • Friends, loved ones and collegues let you down or worse, betray you

It's life.  There's ups and downs - wins and losses. This month we'll explore how you can express those not so fun emotions while still holding onto your happy core being.  You'll get some tools that will help you shift and move back to happiness faster than you've ever been able to before.

Month 12 - A Year in Review Party

This month we'll recap our journey, acknowledge the crap we've moved through and cheer each other in our successes.

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