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Jenn Flaa
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Musician

From the corn fields of Minnesota to the hiking trails of Prescott & the beaches of Sanibel by way of Silicon Valley, this mild mannered, high tech CEO by day morphs into a classic rock singer by night with raspy tones reminiscent of Janis Joplin.  Author...well, that was an accident.   

For years, happiness eluded Jenn Flaa until she approached happiness (and how to sustain it) with her engineer’s mind.  After seeing her transformation, the men around her begged her to tell the “secret” to their ladies, and voila, “The Happiness Handbook” emerged. 

Set out on your Happiness Journey in one of Jenn's live or online workshops.

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The Happiness Handbook Site

"I've survived trauma and a divorce and spent decades trying to put the bad stuff into perspective. I couldn't get my head around how something so bad could happen to sweet, innocent me. But ironically, I couldn't get angry about it for a really long time.


I'd felt numb and unhappy for so long I thought that was "normal". I also kept people at arms length to protect myself. I've talked to so many women who feel the same - especially after the #metoo movement made it safe for us to reveal what we'd hidden for so long."

Melanie Banayat
Entrepreneur, Author, Speaker, Artist, Board Certified 

Melanie owns and operates WingSpace; the coworking space in Prescott, Arizona. She lives in Chino Valley, AZ.

For 5 years, Melanie worked as a full time Holistic Health coach, specifically with women 40 +. And for ten years, she volunteered as a small group facilitator for a therapeutic boarding school for teenage girls “at-risk”. Her job was to assist the stressed out parents through the personal development workshops.

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"What keeps me humble is that I’ve had two dissolved marriages and the typical roller coaster ride of a life filled with colorful and eventful happenings - some scary, some angering, some sad, and some incredibly painful. 

I’m happy to say that my present marriage has two thumbs up and it’s getting better each year. Combined, Greg and I have 10 adult children and 10 grandchildren. Though I have not had a picture-perfect journey, I am grateful for the mostly simple, and sometimes wild and crazy adventures that life offers me every day! I'm a huge advocate for the gift and art of storytelling as a healing process toward happiness."

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