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Stretch Your Brave
Hack Your Story

Melanie Banayat

As we grow older we tend to hold on to most of our stories and drag them around like a collection of heavy boulders that fester & manifest as disease.

Stretch Your Brave and investigate your story & set it free!

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The Happiness Handbook

Jenn Flaa

The Happiness Handbook empowers the reader to discover their own unique ways of becoming happy & living an extraordinary life.

The Happiness Handbook

The Happiness Handbook Meditations

Jenn Flaa

Download these guided meditations to help you chill out, release tricky emotions, get to neutral & figure out what makes you happy!

Happy Chats Game

by Jenn Flaa

A simple game to:

  • Get to know people better

  • Redirect conversation away from polarizing topics

Available at:
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